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beth 2Beth Tiger has been a professional coach & public speaker for over 10 years, with the central idea of her work being that each person is a divine being and already has what they seek within them. She loves creating opportunities for women to awaken to their incredible potential, but holds firm to the notion that she is merely a “doula” for those giving birth to their own miracles.

In 2006, she created the Flying Solo series and from this work, she authored the Balboa best selling workbook Rising From The Ashes of Divorce. Beth is currently finishing up her second book, A Royal Remembering: Claiming your divinity and becoming the QUEEN of your own life, a book celebrating the joy & power of womanhood. She is also working on two other books that she hopes to finish in mid-2017.

In 2011, Beth opened A Life Well Lived in Ramsey, NJ, a Wellness Community that was dedicated to designing a life that inspires and connects individuals to spirit. It was in the purchasing of fair trade & socially conscious products for the center that Beth became aware of the global human rights issue that is Modern Day Slavery. She could hardly believe not only how prevalent this was, but also its rapid growth in the last decade. She and her husband Tim decided to close the center so they could focus their energy on creating lasting solutions to this horrific human rights violation.

With her firm belief that service is a critical part of a joy filled life, in 2013 she co-founded Durga Tree International, a non profit that is working to end modern day slavery. Beth feels that FREEDOM and CHOICE are the foundation of “a life well lived”. She calls this work “A God/Goddess Plan” and the mission of her spirit. Along with her many other professional roles, she is now the Executive Director of this incredible organization that has already helped hundreds of survivors become thrivers.



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