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For information on Beth’s specifically scheduled speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats, please view the calendar on the Events page. Contact information and pricing is included.

Here is a listing of the workshops and retreats Beth currently offers:




Reclaiming Your Crown

Women coming together to explore the divine & uniquely feminine aspect of being the QUEEN of our own lives. Learn how this reclaiming can actually transform, heal and empower not only
our lives but the world around us. This experience will be filled with ritual, reflection, laughter, sharing and personal transformation.



A Royal Remembering

This magical journey is created for women to step outside of their daily routine and get in touch with the divine feminine within. Workshops on self care, ritual, the Goddess and Queen are offered throughout. There is time for reflection, group conversations and creativity as well. From this place of empowerment, women are offered tools and opportunities to reclaim their crown and become the queens of their own lives.



surrenderRitual and Prayer as a Way of Life

For many contemporary women, we yearn to feel a deeper connection to the Divine, yet we feel disheartened by old dogma and male-centered religious rituals. Coming together in a community of women and experiencing the creation of sacred space, home altars, dance as prayer, sacred aromatherapy and more can deepen our daily lives in a way that nurtures our relationship to the divine within and in the outside world.


Table for One- becoming your own belovedTable For One

To attract, keep, and enjoy love in your life, you must first know what love looks and feels like.  Many of us define love by how we feel about another or how they feel about us.  However, LOVE must begin with oneself.  Many women have difficulty truly loving themselves exactly as they are, with all of their imperfections and quirks. This work is about exploring the areas in ourselves that we can’t or won’t love, and considering why. Since the one person we are assured to walk the path of life with is ourselves, now is the time to renew your commitment to self and fall deeply in love with YOU. Now is the time to become your own beloved!


Flying Solo Support GroupFlying Solo

Beth facilitates monthly groups, as well as day-long retreats, and speaks to various groups around the country based on the program she created to empower people to not only survive, but thrive after a breakup. The 8 principles within the workbook, Rising from the Ashes of Divorce are explored and they are:

  • Lose to the story, learn the lesson
  • Identifying our feelings & working through them
  • Our relationship with the Divine
  • Forgiveness
  • Personal Values
  • New relationships
  • Gratitude, service & the law of attraction
  • Pursuing our passions so that you may live a purposeful & inquired life



An Invitation from the Angels – July 2017

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