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Rising from the Ashes of Divorce

Rising from the Ashes of Divorce“Reclaiming your life and healing your spirit after the painful journey of separation & divorce”

With one out of two marriages ending in divorce, the process of separation and divorce can be one of the most painful journeys that adults make in their lifetime. Beth created the Flying Solo Series to help men & women thrive, not just survive, after separation & divorce. This spiritual workbook is the first in the series and will guide you through some of the toughest issues that you are faced with. This book includes thought provoking questions, homework assignments, prayers & affirmations to use daily so that you too can thrive again!

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Coming soon:

Practical Soul Crafting – “The ART of embracing the divine in everyday living”

For many contemporary women, there is a yearning to feel a deeper connection to the Divine, yet so many of us feel disheartened by old dogma and male-centered religious rituals that don’t resonate with our busy everyday lives. This special interactive book will empower you to experience the magic that exists in the everyday. It will empower you to transform your daily routines, homes and self care in a way that nurtures your relationship to the divine within and in the outside world.




goddessIt’s All About the Beaver – “Celebrating SHE who cannot be contained and has many names”

We are a world out of balance and we as women, who are over 50% of the current population, have got to stop saying we deserve respect and start demanding respect by standing in our truth and taking compassionate, grace filled actions in all the areas of our lives. This workbook will take you step by step through through the rediscovery of the female divine, the use of ritual, taking back the negative names & images, and much, much more.


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