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The Heroine’s Journey

This fall I will be presenting at an amazing retreat called The Heroine’s Journey with five other amazing women. Below is a BlogRadio show “Visionary Times” that I was just interviewed on with Theresa Byrne (another presenter) and special surprise guest Kathleen McGowan. We discuss the retreat, the empowerment of women, the scared feminine, and the healing of the sacred masculine.

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Awaken Your Soul This Season

Awaken Your Soul This Season


So… did anyone else feel it? This winter was a tough one, Whew!
Even my husband and children, who, unlike myself, love the winter and all the activities it offers, were complaining about the long, cold, dark and hard season that we have just come through.
As much as I appreciate what winter can be good for, and boy was I busy this winter, to me personally there is nothing like the HOPE and PROMISE kept by spirit that SPRING offers.
During this winter, A Life Well Lived fought hard to stay in Bergen County and we were victorious; I created a new workshop and outlined my book; Tim, Jess & I formed a new non-profit entity that will change the lives of millions globally; and BethTiger.com has collaborated with several teachers to bring new retreat experiences to you quarterly.  So as you can see, going deep is good; however, actually implementing the ideas is the life affirming SPRING action and we will be busy doing that for all of our clients in these next few months.
This month, we ask that you consider all YOU have worked on internally this winter and what you will choose to do to make it manifest in your garden this Spring; what is awakening within?
Please join me this May 11th in celebration of our new location and the promise of this special season!
Spring Blessings ~
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Setting Intentions for this New Year

Setting Intentions for this New Year

As I reflect back on the past 2 years since the Center opened, I am in awe of all the blessings that have come from this small, yet powerful community. We have helped homeless moms, worked hard on our personal happiness, formed new & profound friendships, learned many new modalities of healing, and added a dash of Heaven right here in Bergen County.

This month’s theme of “Setting Intentions” is right in line with the energetic shifts taking place around the globe this month.  Some of us are already feeling pulled and harried by this energy but the way to remain calm during any change is to feel prepared.  That is where setting your intentions comes into play.  If we do not have any idea of where we would like to be emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually and within relationships, we will be blown about by every storm or shift that takes place within these areas of our lives.

A perfect example I would like to share with you is the search for a new home for A Life Well Lived~ Center for Inspired Living, the “homebase” of my practice and community. When I set out to find a new location for the Center, I wrote my intentions down and held a clear vision of what I was looking for.  I felt so focused and excited about this change. We found the space that I thought was a perfect fit with relative ease, and I quickly began to negotiate the contract. This process took over two months, which in and of itself was arduous, but I felt confident that if it was meant to be it would be.

Just last week, however, the day we were to sign the lease, I found out about several issues that would keep me from creating a space that was in line with my intentions.  I thought I was going to have to walk away completely and, to put it bluntly, I was pissed. All of us have had those moments in life when the job/relationship/home/experience we desired begins to feel out of alignment with our values and we feel like a victim of circumstance.  Usually, our first response is to throw the baby out with the bath water, quitting the whole thing immediately.  Knowing this, I consciously stepped away from the disappointment, quieted my very active mind, and conversed with God about my intentions for the Center in that new location, or another.

In A Course of Miracles, it is said that as soon as there is a problem, God already has the solution. After my conversation with the Divine, I felt released from the outcome and just went on with my day.  Amazingly enough, later that same day I started receiving calls from the realtor and town zoning official offering ways that I could resolve the problems and acquire this space without making compromises to the integrity of the Center.

That is not to say that resolving these issues will not take work on my part, but a path has been shown. Although I am uncertain of the final outcome, I feel such peace knowing it will all work out, as long as I hold a loving intention and trust in God’s plan, not my own.

This holiday, it is my prayer that all of you will quietly decide to include Spirit in all of your celebrations and set meaningful intentions for a happy, healthy, abundant and peace filled New Year.


Season’s Greetings & Blessing ~


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