For manGoddess of balancey women September marks the beginning of the school year for their children and even themselves.  The slow pace of summer is over and our calendars fill up with “to do’s”, classes, meetings and the varying hectic schedules of our families.  Even for women who do not have children, the pace at work seems to pick up.

The summer often gives us a chance to connect with nature either by spending time near water, outside in our gardens, playing sports outside or even just dining outdoors with our family.  Our interconnectedness with nature adds to our peace and sense of calm. It is because of this state of mind that many of us feel ready to tackle the fall and all her commitments, however,after the buzz of the first few weeks what I often hear from my clients and friends is their frustration at failing to juggle it all.  Complete exhaustion has set in and appointments begin to slip through the cracks, we may forget to pack a child’s lunch, an email or phone call can’t be returned, we start canceling or resenting activities we looked forward to just last month and the “shame” of not being wonder women sets in.   Then there is our personal self  & soul care that is often last on that list, so that get’s thrown to the side, hopefully to be picked up again when we make our new years resolutions in the heart of winter.

It is no wonder that by March so many of us are suffering from seasonal depression and an overwhelming sense of spring fever.  Personally, I believe we need to stay connected to the Goddess all year long by honoring the seasons in nature, making sure that we spend time outdoors no matter what season and most importantly carving out FUN time throughout our daily routines – not just cramming it into a few weeks in summer and nurturing ourselves on a daily basis.

We are a society that rewards “busy” but the by product of that reward is stress and all the negatives that come with it.   When you add something to that calendar, consider how it serves your life.  Are you over scheduling from societal pressure?  Are you saying NO to events and activities that are aligned with your heart and soul (like a date night, some service work or even a long walk with a friend) and saying YES to another meeting for work, dinner with acquaintances you don’t truly enjoy spending time with or adding another activity to your child’s already busy schedule.

I say this fall, instead of driving ourselves into exhaustion, we STOP… we CONSIDER what will serve us and what will not….we take our TIME when adding something to our calendar, we learn to lovingly say NO and we say YES to scheduling in time for activities that keep us balanced and connected to each other, our world and the divine.

For a few minutes, just reflect on this beautiful image of the divine feminine, she dwells with us all, balanced, peaceful and poised to handle her tasks.  Breath that in and allow that energy to fill you today.