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Why we sit in CIRCLE…

facebook imageMany women, including myself, yearn for a daily conversation with the divine and a more consistent, heart-felt path to meet God/Goddess then offered by more typical, weekly, male-based religions.  This is not to say that those faith based groups hold no value or power- they do… and sometimes, so much so, that we as women stop listening to the “still small female voice” within that whispers: connect, connect, listen, love, hug, feed, nurture.  All of these things are felt daily and feel quite divine to women, and yet we have no spiritual point of reference for them except perhaps sitting once a week far removed from a spiritual leader that, for many of us, we cannot even relate to.

Where in our religious training were we taught to deeply listen to each other without judgment or agenda?  Where were we taught to hold one another and nurture each other’s spiritual calling and creativity? Where were we taught to converse with the divine each day, even in the darkest moments, in ritual in our own homes?

The sacred spiral, the circle, the dance of the divine feminine, is the daily flow of a woman’s life.  She wakes and, perhaps, has only a quiet moment to connect with source. She may wake up to a crying babe, a lover yearning for her attention, a pet needing to potty or be fed, or a call from work in which she is needed ASAP.  Women have always possessed the gift of multi-tasking, but how often do we allow our own individual expression of divine connection to be the item we allow to fall through the cracks if others need us?  I am going to suggest WAY more often than it is that we dismiss the needs of those around us we love or even our work responsibilities.  This is why so many women I know express a deep desire to connect with one another in circle and, at least on occasion, to feel their divine juiciness.

Sitting in circle with women is a part of every women’s DNA; we can all recall sitting or simply being with women in one form or another where we felt completely ourselves, part of the collective group and absolutely authentic.  I have held circles, been a part of them, and had the gift of being in a “circle”, without the formality of such a thing, simply by being with women mindfully connecting with the divine.

One of the most surprisingly sacred experiences for me to be a part of was a monthly Catholic Women’s Group. Honestly, at times, I felt I had no place there as I struggled with the Faith, and yet the women I was with were nonjudgmental, soul nourishing, and supportive- truly a gift for my spirit at the time. So, to me, “Circle” is the spiral dance of women in relationship and does not always look like we think it must. Sometimes, it just a bunch of us getting together to make a meal and gaze at the moon while enjoying holy Mother Earth.

The challenge in creating a true soul nourishing community is taking the ego out of the experience. This is where far too many times women’s communities, circles, groups, friendships, and partnership get all messed up. We will never have beautiful, soulful experiences if we are in personal angst in our circles.

So, first we need to get clear about WHY we want to be in community, what they do for us and the women we are connecting with, and how we commit to show-up for ourselves and those we sit with, dance with, cook with, listen to, share with, pray with, pray for, cheer for, celebrate, hug and LOVE as a reflection of the creator.

If you yearn to be a part of a group of women, what is your why? Where does your ego come into play?  How do you show up for yourself and those in the circle? Do you truly listen and how can you love yourself and each woman more deeply? How can we as women create safer, more joyful places for one another to come and express our divinity? I URGE you all to get really clear here.

I believe we all know the answers to these questions and they are unique to each of us, but perfect when we come from love. We owe it to one another, ourselves, and this planet to get healthy around our relationship with each other and how we enter the SACRED CIRCLE OF WOMEN.

I look forward to sitting with you in circle one day.


With deep love for Presentation’s Women’s Ministry
& EVERY women who sat in circle at A Life Well Lived.

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Extraordinary Friendship

What a beautiful story about friendship, acceptance and simply being kind. 

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