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Aromatherapy Candles

Handcrafted soy candles utilizing the highest grade aromatic scents free of phthalate and other harsh chemicals.

Each candle also includes specific crystals and herbs to enhance the experience as well as an affirmation to say while lighting.

A perfect way to bring light into your life.

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Your candle is probably one of my favorite candles I've ever had (and I'm really into candles). I've raved about it on my facebook like you wouldn't believe. Even unlit it makes my room smell amazing. I've even started bringing it to my studio when I'm doing sessions and everyone just loves it.

Now I know what Heaven smells like: Life Well Lived Temple Sacré.  Fresh, ethereal and dreamy, yet substantial and soul connecting. Our home smells divine!

Life Well Lived products are incredible. The travel candle, L’Amour Universal was not only beautiful to look at (the crystals and flower petals are lovely!), the fragrance was so delicious, I burned and enjoyed it almost continuously for three days! I can’t wait to try all of the Life Well Lived products!