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Prayer as the ultimate act of service

Posted by Beth Tiger on
Prayer as the ultimate act of service

If you are reading this, you are already a person consciously on a journey toward a better future for yourself and our Mother Earth. However, in the midst of our busy lives many of us find it really difficult to juggle all of our daily responsibilities and our desire to be an effective agent for change in this world. The slow economy has also made it difficult for some to donate financially in lieu of time to causes they are passionate about. I would like to suggest a very effective medium for service, that is available to all of us all the time ~ Prayer.

Prayer can be done anywhere, at any time and for any person, place or circumstance. So many of us only use prayer as a tool to request from Spirit what it is that we have a need for. But just as we use airwaves to make calls on our cell phones, how about using these streams of energy to infuse the world with love, peace, forgiveness? Having the contemporary knowledge of how energy works, prayer (or our conscious communication with source) can be one of the most powerful agents for transformation we have.

The first course of healing this planet is not recycling some plastic but recycling our thoughts and consciously deciding to choose new ones and actively engage in a conversation with our source, not only talking but listening for guidance. When we focus on love, healing, peace, abundance, joy, gratitude our minds can’t help but shift and that shift in our minds, then shifts the energy around us, which affects the entire planet.

Praying as the ultimate act of service as it tips the scales toward love instead of hate. Just consider praying for the best outcome for not only yourself but a person you are disagreeing with? Could you do that? Would you do that? If not, why? If it is the best outcome for everyone, isn’t it the best outcome for you? I personally think prayer is such an amazing tool in my tool box and I am excited to think that with a simple change in perspective I have the ability to create miracles instead of making chaos or fostering hate.

Consider this, you are driving and someone cuts you off, then they have the nerve to flip you the bird! Instead of choosing to participate in this kind of hateful interaction, why not try giving them the peace sign instead, asking God to take their anger or pain from them as you do this. In that instant you have chosen love over hate. You have empowered yourself as well as shown love to your fellow brother or sister, you have shifted the energy. You have done God’s work. It is that simple. But the simplest things are often the hardest to do. With all the violence around us, it is so easy to get caught up in it. To consciously step away from the anger & fear and stand in love using prayer as our armor will be the hardest act of service you will do. We do not receive accolades from others for this type of service, however, we are blessed abundantly in return, for whatever you think or do comes back to you three fold, it is Universal Law.

The. Together we will make a difference. Bright Blessings. Beth Tiger