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Along with being a life coach and author, Beth Tiger has taught over a hundred workshops and in-person retreats related to women’s empowerment and reclaiming your crown all over the US, as well as abroad. Here are some of the most popular.

A Royal Remembering

 A Royal Remembering ™

A celebration of your royal birthright as women. Coming together in a community of women, explore the divine & uniquely feminine aspect of being the QUEEN of your own life. Learn how this reclaiming/re-membering can actually transform, heal and empower not only your life but the world around you. This experience is filled with ritual, reflection, laughter, sharing and personal transformation.


BitchCraft ™

The time has come to celebrate your inner BITCH and claim your personal power. Have you ever “beat yourself up” for being bitchy? Has someone else made you question your emotions or your worth through language? Examine how certain words, attitudes about women’s sexuality and marketing often times can strip us of our power and make us question our worthiness. Embracing and owning words and ideals too often used to keep women weak is a perfect way to take back your power and heal old, even familial wounds.

Practical SoulCrafting

Practical SoulCrafting ™

The ART of embracing the divine in everyday living.

For many contemporary women, there is a yearning to feel a deeper connection to the Divine, yet so many of us feel disheartened by old dogma and male-centered religious rituals that don’t resonate with our busy everyday lives. Coming together in a community of women to experience the creation of sacred space, home altars, dance as prayer, sacred aromatherapy and more can empower us to transform our daily routines, homes and self care in a way that nurtures our relationship to the divine within and in the outside world.

Flying Solo

Flying Solo ™

Beth can facilitate one or 8 sessions for those struggling with life after divorce. She also offers this in a day-long retreat or as part of a collaborative event.

The 8 principles within the workbook, Rising from the Ashes of Divorce are explored and they are:

  • Lose to the story, learn the lesson
  • Identifying our feelings & working through them
  • Our relationship with the Divine
  • Forgiveness
  • Personal Values
  • New relationships
  • Gratitude, service & the law of attraction
  • Pursuing our passions so that you may live a purposeful & inquired life
Shop to Stop

Shop to Stop ™: Bringing an end to Modern Slavery through Conscious Consumerism.

An eye-opening, educational presentation appropriate for teenagers through adults focusing on the global epidemic that is human trafficking and child labor. From agricultural products to household items, the harvesting and development process of many companies is having a negative effect on both the human and environmental elements in our world today. Learn about the connections between deforestation and your body lotion, between the children working without pay in the fields in West Africa and the chopsticks you used to eat last night. This presentation empowers you to act locally and think globally, to call out major companies regarding their production habits and demand “Who Made My Clothes?” as part of a fashion revolution.

Save the Mother

Save the Mother, Save the Child™: the Pandemic Exploitation of Women and its Effect on our World.

Information and discussion on how there is still an unacknowledged gender gap that exists, even in the most progressive countries. Your will hear research on how gaining female equality will have a direct positive effect on men for the future, as well as how the rise in natural disasters directly correlate to women’s inequality. Learn about the unknown ways women are exploited every day around the world and the very serious realities of female poverty. Attendees will come away with the knowledge that female education and empowerment has a ripple effect that can make incredible change in our world, and how you can get started in the movement.