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Wellness Apothecary & Blending Bar


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4985 LakeShore Drive, Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Final Shop Hours

Friday & Saturday 10/29-10/30

11am - 6pm

We have loved serving the Bolton Community the last 5 years.

Blessings to all who supported our work. Stay in touch via email:

or through this website for updates on what Beth is up to next.

About Beth

Beth Tiger has been a professional in the wellness community for over 28 years. She received her certification in aromatherapy & massage in 1992 and is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and life coach. Through her books, workshops, retreats, and spiritual wellness brand, she has equipped people to explore what living on purpose means to them for over two decades.

Beth is available for individual consultations by appointment, to schedule or learn more please  email for pricing & details.