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The Art of Medicinal Herb Infusion, Part 3 - Plant & Water


Saturday, September 19th ~ 9:00am - 10:30am

Plant infusions are made with the purpose of increasing personal vitality, wholeness and balance. We'll start this touch, smell, feel and taste workshop with an introduction of the plant we are going to work with. Then we'll get hands-on infusion making experience. As we sip the prepared infusions, we'll discuss the many roles which plant infusions can play and the benefits of inviting them into your life.

Taught by Margo Mullein ~ Margo has been a practicing, certified herbalist since 1998. She consults and guides individuals seeking wellness and balance as well as offering classes and programs for groups and organizations.She enjoys guiding others to nurture and deepen their relationship with the earth, believing each of us has a gift to share.